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bill-drysdale-bio-photo.jpgArtist Statment

Bill was born into a fairly typical California family in 1949, with a stay-at-home mom and a hard-working dad. The big difference? This “fairly typical” family included a highly creative stay-at-home mom. Bill and his brother were always involved in some kind of project. They hauled river rock from Mt. Baldy to build a patio and fireplace, and even constructed a full-size Native American teepee from scratch. Bill spent many hours sketching and drawing cartoons. It was a simpler time, where kids went to the park to gaze at the sky and find pictures in the clouds.

As a teenager, Bill and his friends loaded up their cars with surfboards, skim boards, and snorkeling equipment and headed to the coast. It was an hour away, but they would make the trek several times a week. Bill’s lifelong dream was to live at the beach and make his living as an artist. He now lives in San Juan Capistrano with his wife of 38 years. They have two grown daughters who are interested in writing, singing, art, and theater.

These memories and his love of the ocean are Bill’s inspiration when he sits down with a canvas and a paintbrush. Bill’s images transport the viewer to a simpler time, where they can almost smell the surf, feel the sun, and hear the sounds of a surf band.


Bill holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the Art Department at California State University, Long Beach. He received a solid foundation in art, design and illustration under such artists as Dick Oden and Ernie Kolar.

Upon completion of his studies, Bill pursued freelance art, while working as a set designer for a major furniture company. He illustrated Alpha Romeos for a local publication and designed decorative three-dimensional silkscreened clocks. He painted backgrounds for film producer Jack Williamson and learned animation under the direction of ex-Disney animator George Geopper, who was well known as one of Pluto’s animators. Bill later became a fulltime freelance artist specializing in architectural illustration and has rendered countless homes and commercial buildings, including the residence of author Dean Koontz.

Bill began fine art watercolor painting in 1992 and has exhibited in Laguna Beach’s Festival of Arts, as well as numerous galleries. He now paints with oils, allowing him to work with quick, loose strokes that show the brushwork, a technique that adds to the freshness of the subject. Art has been a lasting pursuit for Bill. He will always be challenged to take a blank sheet of paper or canvas and combine the elements of light, composition and color to form a new creation.

Collectors of Bill’s work include Ron DiMenna of Ron Jon Surf Shops, Tony Forster of San Juan Capistrano, Bob Spickard of the Chantay’s Surf Band, and Greg Bonnan, producer of Baywatch. Bill also has collectors as far away as Europe and Australia.

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