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chris-lundy-bio-photo.jpgArtist Statment

I think of my paintings as a resynthesis of the world I experience,as manifested through exploring my own natural
movements and exploring what the world of painting has to offer.I ’m presenting glimpses of frozen moments and
sensations through what I like to think of as an automatic mode of operation.Although much of what I do is obviously
very representational work,my mindset in working is very abstract,process oriented and is based primarily in react-
ing to things that happen in the act of painting itself.For me the water world is a given,as I ’ve spent a huge part of
my life in the ocean.I ’ve just always been very comfortable in that environment,so the movements flow very freely
and the liquidity of the subject matter simply lends itself to further exploration and developement of what I have
sometimes lightheartedly referred to as my handwriting to the tenth power.I enjoy visceral and emotionally charged
artwork that reads instantly in an overall sense and then offers new discoveries upon further investigation.I ’m fasci-
nated with the formal academics of drawing and painting and have always been enchanted by little details in nature,
such as watching how the wind blows through the leaves or how the water and light dance in the shorebreak in addi-
tion to having had a deep relationship with the universe of lifelike characters the ocean has presented to me through-
out a lifetime of surfing at all levels,from playful to life threatening.So to be able to explore it all and discover new
realities through not just painting,but painting in an abstract mindset is a very satisfying thing for me.To me these
are the sorts of things that have been written about and intrigued people for ages and I see this work as merely my
contribution to the human picture.


Chris Lundy was born and raised on the Gulf Coast of Florida, immersed in the creative culture of his hometown, Sarasota and surrounded by actors and artists since childhood. That set the tone early on and Chris recalls being an art kid for as long as he can remember, dividing the rest of his time between surfing and music. Not long after graduating high school, he made his way to the North Shore of Oahu with a backpack and a surfboard, where he continued to paint, became deeply immersed in building surfboards and eventually becoming a two time invite to The Pipeline Masters. Lundy was among a group of dedicated pacesetting surfers the media labeled The Pipeline Underground and his sleek refined boards were sought after by pros and North Shore regulars alike for big Hawaiian surf. In the spring of '83, he was the first surfer to take the newly unveiled 3 fin 'Thruster' introduced by Australian Simon Anderson the previous year into surf over 20 feet at Waimea Bay.

After a serious knee injury in the '83 Pipe Masters took him out of the water, Lundy spent the next several years in LA earning a BFA from Art Center College of Design and returned to the North Shore in 1990 to begin producing a string of international event posters for which he became well known. These included pieces he designed and painted for the Hawaii Triple Crown of Surfing, The Quicksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau, The Oxbow World Longboard Championship, and Niki's Honolulu Marathon poster on the international stage in Japan and Indonesia. He's been commissioned to produce large mixed media work for MTV and has been involved in an array of 'special projects' at NIKE for years.

In recent years, Lundy has been focused on his own painting, especially large canvases that have been the subject of features in The Surfer's Journal, Juxtapoz Art and Culture Magazine and Sole Collector Magazine. He has recently had one man shows in Portland Oregon and Los Angeles.

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