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greg-larock-bio-photo.jpgArtist Statment

Capturing light and atmosphere on canvas is a challenging, life-long pursuit.

My goal is to attain the delicate balance of color and composition with light and shadow.

Making the image look realistic, yet having a completely loose, painterly feel is the ultimate goal in a successful painting.


Upon graduating Cal State University of Long Beach in 1988, Greg went on to establish his own graphic design business which he still runs today after 16 years. Several years ago Greg decided to rekindle his love for figure and landscape painting and the pursuit of plein air.

A member of several art clubs, you’ll regularly find him at paint-outs and painting the figure at LPAPA studio. Greg’s goal is to capture the light of the Southern California landscape, “Any excuse to get out to paint and I’m there.”

Greg is constantly honing his artistic abilities and is achieving regular success, recognition and awards. He lives in Newport Beach, California with his wife and their two basenjis.

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