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One of the great lessons Disney animation has instilled in my personal and professional work is presenting this clear idea of story telling and good composition. I have studied great illustrators like Howard Pyle, Dean Cornwell and N.C. Wyeth, who were amazingly skilled painters and wonderful story tellers. I love the narrative dynamic in their work that inspires us to dream of other worlds and other times. It is a challenge as a good artist, to create paintings that allow us to dream and fall in love with the world that we only experience when we are fast asleep. It is my ambition to paint from the soul and tap into that special something that keeps us surfing, in awe of mother nature and loving every moment of it.


James A. Finch is a 35 year old artist and surfer from Palm Bay Florida. He attended Ringling School of Art and Design from 1990 to 1994 and graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Illustration. During college he began his illustration career freelancing for editorial work, children's publications, newspapers, and advertising agencies in Nashville Tenn. After college he applied to Walt Disney Feature Animation and was accepted to intern in 1995.

He then transferred to California in 1996 and worked in the layout and background design for such films as TARZAN, ATLANTIS, TREASURE PLANET, HOME ON THE RANGE, AND BAMBI 2. He was soon promoted to production designer on BROTHER BEAR 2 and worked at the Disney Studio in Australia for 3 months with the Layout team. James is currently working as a Visual Development Artist on new projects to be announced. He also co-teaches Environmental Design at Gnomon Visual Effects school in Hollywood.

James has a hunger to grow as an artist and paint what he has been drawn to for most of his life, which is the ocean and Coastal Environments. His adventures in plein-air beach landscapes were featured in a One Man Exhibition in 2002 at Walt Disney Feature Animation. He is currently preparing for a second One-Man Exhibition to run Dec. thru Jan. 2006-2007 at Walt Disney Animation.

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