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Limited Editions

SurfART.com Limited Editions are reproductions of Original Art pieces utilizing the Tru-Giclee (pronounced Gee Clay) Imaging process.

Giclee is a French word that means to spray. Giclee Imaging is the most sophisticated and accurate way we have today of reproducing an Original piece of art of various mediums including Oil paint, Acrylics, Watercolors and many other mediums.

Giclee Imaging is a digital inkjet reproduction process and is NOT printing, meaning the output devise is not a printing press printing thousands of pieces per hour, therefore a Giclee Limited Edition is NOT a PRINT.

The digital inkjet output devise has up to 12 archival colors that are applied to the archival canvas or papers at exactly the same time to give the appearance of continuance tone, similar to a photograph.

Each Giclee is then coated with a UV Clear Coat to help protect it from the environment.

The Giclee Imaging process is done one piece at a time and is a lengthy process in order to achieve the Artist standards of excellence and maintaining the color accuracy of the Original.

A Limited Edition is the reproduction of a FINE Art composition that can not have more than 250 pieces within the Edition in order to classify it as an Intellectual Property. A Limited Edition must be Signed & Numbered and should read accordingly of said piece within that Limited Edition and is accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Example; If you were making a purchase of the 9th piece within said Limited Edition the signing & numbering that should be on the art piece would read as follows Signature of the Artist and Numbered 9/250 on either the front, back and/or both sides.

Giclee Imaging at this time does not apply texture, if texture is desired than that process is referred to as Enhancing or Embellishing.

Enhanced / Embellished of a Limited Edition

When an art piece has been Enhanced / Embellished, meaning that the Artist has revisited the art piece reproduction and added additional Oil paint, Acrylics, Gel medium and or another mediums that the Artist feels will add intrinsic value to said Limited Edition making it a true one of a kind piece.

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