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“Here is another day, during which I have had eyes, ears, hands and the Great World around me. And with tomorrow begins another. Why am I allowed two?”
This is why I paint. It is a Doxology of sorts. It is a way of saying “Thank You” to God for His provision and for the Glory that is His creation. Painting, like all art, is the overt expression of inward emotions. When I paint I feel God’s joy spring from within me and onto the canvas. I am thankful for this gift and hope it brings the viewer pleasure.


Norm was born and raised in San Diego, California. As a third generation San Diegan, he took to all manner of water sports at an early age but settled with surfing in the early seventies. But it was drawing that held his attention most of all. As early as he can recall he was scribbling on any scrap of paper he could commandeer. All manner of sketches adorned his homework assignments throughout his school years. In college he found that the study of Architecture was a fitting outlet for his passion to draw, which lead Norm to a career designing houses in the greater San Diego area. Then in 1989 Norm moved his family to the High Sierra near the town of Hume Lake where he took a position as Graphic Designer and Architect for Hume Lake Christian Camps.

Hume was a wonderful place to raise his young family, but there was seldom surf on the Lake, so Norm took up sailing as a consolation. In early 1990 while designing commercial graphics Norm found inspiration in the illustrations of Dean Cornwell and thought he would try oil painting. Norm then studied oil painting taught by the master “plein air” artist Ken Auster. With a few rules of application and a life of design composition behind him, Norm proceeded to paint as much and as often as possible. Though mostly self-taught, Norm is keenly aware of the inspiration he found in the classes with Ken Auster and his relentless study of other impressionist artists. Norm says sometimes the paint just seems to flow out of his soul and onto the canvas which is reflected in his composition of incredible bold brush strokes and dramatic color pallets.

Now in San Diego, Norm is finding opportunities to paint and exhibit his works in wonderful venues such as McKibben Studios in Corona Del Mar, California where Norm is showing Surf & Island themed paintings and a few “plein air” pieces of San Diego county landmarks and nautical pieces as well. Norm also exhibits in the trade shows with legendary big wave surfer, Greg Noll and his cartoons are featured in Surfer Magazine regularly.
Norm and his wife Patsy have been married for 24 years and have three children, Jessica Anne, Joe Beach and Rusty Hume.

*G.K. Chesterton; The Everlasting Man


2-17-15   Ron....Las Vegas, NV
I just received my Norm Daniels Signature Edition print titled "Some Rust, Make Offer" and it really looks fantastic in the Cherry wood frame I choose. Thank you for sending it to me so quick

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