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regina-hurley-bio-photo.jpgArtist Statment

Art is about questions. The answers can be found by observing life. Nature offers us a myriad of elements, many contrasting, in both our philosophical mind and our physical world.

I re-create in my art what is found in life. Innumerable varieties of shapes, textures, and patterns are found in nature.

Transitional Opposites in Harmony and Transformation are sculptures which combine form and rhythm, creating a balance which represents the interactions and changes.


Regina's sculptures are highly original and can be enjoyed on many levels. They range in size from monumental to miniature and are created in many mediums including clay, stone and bronze. John J. McDonough, prominent collector of art statest hat Regina displays in her sculpture the strength and power reminiscent of the French Master Rodin.

She clearly reveals the direction of this super force and beauty. Her monumental bronze, Looking for Treasures, is included in the George and Mary Lou Boone collection, and will be added to the Huntington Library and Museum in San Marino, California.

In all her works, her creativity, talent and technical skills combine to make exciting art, rich and beautiful.

Regina has a MFA in sculpture and a BFA in drawing and painting from California State University Long Beach.

Regina is a popular instructor with classes in life drawing, watercolor and sculpture. She currently teaches fine arts for Saddleback and Coastline Community Colleges in addition to teaching private workshops.

Regina is married, has three lovely daughters and lives in San Clemente, California. She was born in Youngstown, Ohio.

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