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Resale Gallery

SurfART.com has this unique section of our Online Gallery for previously owned/collected ART pieces that are NOW made available through our Resale Gallery SECONDARY ART COLLECTORS MARKET forum.

Our collectors are continuing to expand their Art Collections and have decided to make certain ART pieces available for other aspiring collectors to take advantage of this rare opportunity.

SurfART.com has found that many folks have acquired ART that they would like to sell through a reputable ART Dealer, but do not have those connections and SurfART.com has resolved that challenge.

Having been in the ART business since 1987 we have gained the respect of the ART community and collectors alike, we are confident that we can help you find a buyer for your piece.

Thousands of potential ART buyers scan our website monthly from around the world looking for that special ART piece and yours might be the one they are looking to acquire.

Contact us at Sales@SurfART.com and we will review the details of representation of your ART piece with you.

Featured Pieces