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roncroci.jpgArtist Statment

What is this language of pictures, where an artist is compelled to speak with images of what lies outside, as well as within?

From the diabolical to the sublime, we use this pictorial language as a means to express the tales we have to tell.


In the late fifties, Ron grew up in the windswept, and unsurfed town of Half Moon Bay, California. Ron, and his friends were like Tom Sawyers with surf boards. But, then he grew up, and began his artistic career in the motion picture studio system, where towering images of heroes and villains were every day occurances, and beautiful faces, that were as illusive, and untouchable as the light that projected them, flitted continuously from trailer to stage.

Ron has worked in every motion picture studio in L.A., and on locations in many of the worlds cities. His work has taken him to the largest ad agencies, designing commercials both here and overseas. He has created numerous murals, ten books, and all types of posters, prints, and cards, from music to military, as well as being on the design teams of some of the biggest names in the surf industry

Ron was the lead designer at the Hawaii Maritime Museum, and has shown in museums and galleries throughout the U.S.

He has been published in so many magazines, and periodicals that he has lost track. However, thru all of it, Ron has surfed, dove and constantly used the images of his mistress, the Sea, and the sparkle that glitters on the surface which lies between air and water.

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